We are gamers first and developers next. We put love into our games first, everything else next.


That little box in your pocket is a way for us to deliver explosive entertainment on the go. Our objective is to craft wonder, happiness and unbounded fun into games that will rock your world. VAVYLON games explode on your device radiating pure unadulterated joy and nuking boredom. We spark chain reactions of fun in our players by making our games as social as possible. We put so much love into our games, it wouldn’t be fair not to share. VAVYLON is on a quest to harness a century and a half of cumulative experience in making games and we are constantly levelling up. We are gamers first and developers next. Our games are crafted with utmost care and unrelenting commitment to perfection. Our players are our first, second and third priority. We create Awesome.

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Glass Breaker a Perfect time killer!

Glass Breaker a Perfect time killer !

Glass Breaker! Combining Bricks Breaker and Bubble shooting 

this brand new, highly addictive arcade game is going to make you stuck for a long time!

Flight Fighters

Flight Fighters

Flight Fighters is an ultimate sky war against the enemy airplanes and sky fighters.

Take control of your air force fighter and fly high into the skies.