Special mix between brick breaker and bubble shooter game. Best time killer!

 Glass BreakerGlass Breaker

Glass Breaker! Combining Bricks Breaker and Bubble shooting this brand new, highly addictive arcade game is going to make you stuck for a long time!
Your goal is to smash as many bricks as you can before they reach the bottom of the screen. Aim, target and shoot the glasslike, glimmering bricks and watch them explode and break into small pieces. 
Collect all the extra balls you find in your path to increase your hits. You can also unlock balls with special skills to help you smash more bricks in one shot and more. Gather up as many diamonds as you can in order to gain an extra life and continue your game. Try to clear all the bricks on your screen and get a new checkpoint! 
You can’t get bored! Why? Due to the infinite levels that make the game challenging and exciting. Move up on the leaderboards, compare your score with your family and friends but also check your placing among the other players.

★ Smash the bricks.
★ Collect diamonds & balls.
★ Avoid the ball eaters. 
★ Get checkpoints.
★ Boost yourself up to the leaderboards.
★ Challenge others in your area and beat their scores.


★ BEST TIME KILLING: Play anytime, everyplace. 
★ Play Offline!! No Wi-Fi or internet needed.
★ Less than 20 MB space needed to install!!
★ Easy to play! You only use one finger!
★ Infinite levels!
★ Fast forward button to accelerate the chains speed.
★ Unlock new balls with special skills!
★ Exciting VFX and sound effects. 
★ Google Play Achievements and Leaderboards.

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Glass Breaker a Perfect time killer!

Glass Breaker a Perfect time killer !

Glass Breaker! Combining Bricks Breaker and Bubble shooting 

this brand new, highly addictive arcade game is going to make you stuck for a long time!

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