How Glass Breaker was born


The main motivation for writing this post is to give credit to those games that have been a source of inspiration for creating Glass Breaker!

Also, it gives an idea of how a game takes shape, hot it evolves and changes, how ideas are introduced and the motivation behind them.

More or less a year ago Brick Breaker was still the thing. I personally loved brick breaker as a user and independently of the small envy we all mobile game developers felt for such a simple game becoming such a hit like Flappy Bird in my opinion, this is very fun little games.

I decided, for fun, to take Little Robot  and make a brick breaker simple prototype

I’ve rescued this low quality frame from a video of the first playable Glass Breaker 

Glass breaker born

The most interesting thing about this first prototype, though, was that the game was endless and procedurally generated.


The importance of getting the Difficulty right

I wanted the game to be difficult but the line between difficult and too difficult / unfair is a very thin one. I needed a way to solve the problem of adapting the difficulty to different payer skills. Some games have different levels with different constant difficulties. I didn’t want to do that as I wanted to make it possible to find a challenging difficulty on any world. Other games have opted to do levels with increasing difficulty where you start easy part every time until it gets fun.

Final words

And that, my friends, is how Glass Breaker! Was born.

Thanks for reading! 🙂

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Glass Breaker a Perfect time killer !

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