What is gartic io?

gartic io

Available to all inhabitants of the Earth and supports dozens of languages. There is communication with real people, which gives a feeling of endless fun. Therefore, streamers tend to often show it to their audience. Insanely popular and many are trying to reproduce this success. That’s why gartic io has attracted even more fans and moved to other platforms. Inside the bizarre universe of Skibidi Toilet meme: where toilets sing, dance, and battle electronic-headed heroes!

User interface

gartic io user interface

A large vocabulary will not be superfluous. It is even better to be able to draw these words. There is a simple and convenient interface for this:

  • The canvas is in the center. Masterpieces are born on it.
  • On the left side of the screen, there is a list of participants in the room. The user’s score is indicated next to the avatar.
  • Artist’s tools appear when it’s the player’s turn. Various sliders and buttons are provided to select any color and shape. Some of them help to remove blots.
  • There are two windows at the bottom of the screen. One for answers, and the second for communication.
  • All this is available in one of the languages. It is easier to play with people who understand each other.

How is gartic io structured?

gartic io structured

The game is based on the will to draw and guess pictures. Permitted themes are placed in special rooms. Most subjects cover anime, movies, food, objects, etc. Users have the opportunity to create their own theme and customize it as they wish. No more than 50 participants in one competition are allowed.

It will take at least two people to start. The artist will be asked to choose one of several words. Then draw until the time runs out or everyone guesses. After that, the opportunity passes to the next player. The more involved, the faster they will guess and create more.

Tired of the topics? Too chatty teammates? Just leave the room. The rules allow free movement at any time. Because everyone comes back. Looking for a one-stop destination for emulator games? Your quest ends here! Immerse yourself in a world of pixelated wonders and iconic titles.

Is there a good community here?

Is there a good community here

The skill doesn’t matter. Just convey the meaning of the word in a few lines and forms. No one will scold because of this.

The community is non-toxic. Many of them make friends here and this happens quite often. Pleasant conversations often flow into the creation of thematic groups from social networks.

Maintaining mutual respect is pretty easy. Reports are thrown at those who behave rudely and purposefully spoil the drawing. Troublemakers are rare, but they do occur.

Time well spent, not wasted

Try it and like it. The breathtaking simplicity of gartic io captivates millions of people. Someone else’s skill to quickly create sketches will delight. It will be especially fun with those who can’t draw but try. Incredible emotions are possible without words.