Firefly VTuber plays Gartic with viewers! Look out for the room invite in chat~
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Firefly VTuber / ENVTuber Hotaru Iora from VReverie Gen 0.
Iora’s content will include gaming streams, drawing streams, song covers, meme reviews and karaoke streams! Iora hopes she can brighten up your day by creating the content you enjoy!

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🧣Stream etiquette and guidelines💡
1. Please be respectful of one another.
2. No spoilers allowed, backseat only if Iora asks for it.
3. Spam/harassment is not allowed.
4. No self-advertisement or promotion.
5. Try to keep conversations/discussions related to the stream.

Iora is very grateful for everyone’s support~ Iora thanks all of you from the bottom of her heart for engaging with and liking her content!💖

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