1. No swearing
2. no spamming
3. no bullying good users and me
4. no haters are allowed here
5. No laughing at me
6. No Sending Inappropriate Images to my whiteboard
7. No begging
8. No dating
9. don’t be angry at me
10. Don’t Draw inappropriate things
11. Don’t scribble my whiteboard
12. No Gacha Heat Users
13, No sending inappropriate ibb com images
14. no copying each other including me
15. No Commiting Su!c!de
16. No ships
17. No halal, be a normal person
18. no timeouting people unless there’s a hater or hacker
19. No Disrespecting the owner
20. No death threats
21. No creepy links
22. No mod Abusing
23. No p*** Links and images in Whiteboard and
24. No saying Pregnant
25. No mocking others
26. No Gartic Io links
If you Break 1 rule. you will get a strike, when you break ALL the rules. you will be timeouted, Have Fun!