is a very interesting drawing and guessing game. It is similar to an old Facebook game “Draw My Thing”. This platform gives you opportunities to learn new words and draw them. People with the passion of drawing can practice quick digital drawing here. Many people learn English words from gartic just by playing games. I met many non-English speaking people playing this game such as Bahasa-speaking Indonesians, Hangul-speaking Koreans, Turkish, Mandarin-speaking Chinese, Japanese, Portuguese, Italian, Spanish, and many more. Relive your favorite childhood memories with play sega genesis games online now.

But many people cheat in this game just to WIN. They start writing the answers instead of drawing. They may report you because you are drawing and they don’t understand what you are drawing and want you to write the answer. This ruins the game. This kills the sole purpose of the game, that is to DRAW…!

But the community still contains some loyal people. They want to play the real way. So, they report the cheaters. The game becomes long because almost everyone is cheating. For the purpose of maintaining the real aim of the game, it is necessary to report the rule-breakers. Otherwise, this platform will shut down like many others due to misuse.

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