【💬】In this video, I play an online game called Gartic! Which is a draw & guess game similar to Pictionary and Skribbl.io! ୧(☉□☉)୨
p.s: happy new year!!

iMovie – Newborn
Super Mario 64 – Inside the Castle Walls [Remix] – Qumu
Undertale OST – sans.
Undertale OST – Enemy Approaching
Deltarune OST – The Chase (Creepy Chase)
Undertale OST – Snowdin Town
Undertale OST – Dating Start!
Deltarune OST – BIG SHOT
Circus – Theme Song
Deltarune OST – It’s Pronounced Rules
Naruto OST – Grief And Sorrow
One Piece OST – Angry
Persona 4 – Specialist
Undertale OST – Finale
Undertale OST – Dating Fight!

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