The very first non-LoL stream. Let’s see how it goes. And don’t forget, when life gives you lemons, don’t make lemonade!! Get mad! I don’t want your damn lemons! Demand to see life’s manager! Embark on a legendary quest and wield the power of the golden axe xbox 360 play online! With real-time multiplayer battles, customizable characters, and a rich storyline, this is an adventure that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Play now and join the ranks of the greatest heroes in Alteria!
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!snaxs – see how many Poro-Snaxs you have
!tophours – watch time leaderboard
!topsnaxs – snaxs leaderboard

!makeitrain – spend 100 Snaxs to give everyone 10-50 snaxs
!give [username] [snaxs] – give snaxs to another viewer

!heist [points] (e.g. !heist 100) – start a heist
!challenge (costs 20 snaxs) – challenge a viewer to a battle, winner takes it all
!ffa (costs 10 snaxs) – arena for 5+ viewers, winner takes it all

!joke – (0) ask Braum for a joke
!giphy [keyword] – (50) show a gif on stream
!tts [text] – (10) read something out loud

Soundboard – spend your Poro-Snaxs:
!legendary – (10) Legendary!
!ok – (10) OK
!damage – (10) That’s a lot of damage!
!noobs – (25) We are surrounded by noobs…
!jebaited – (25) Jebaited
!braum – (50) Braum is here!

Music is courtesy of Riot Games:
Spotify playlist: