Types Of Bugs in Gartic.io
Today we will be learning the bugs that appears in “Gartic.io”

1- Ghost Bug:
This bug happens to users only(players with no account), when ever 2 users glitched together and one of them leaves the lefted one disappear from everyone’s screen and shows as not in game, but the player is actually playing while no one can see him/her, also sometimes they get first place or anyone’s turn in rounds.

2-I’m Hacked Bug:
This bug happened to players with accounts.
Whenever the person login to his/her account, they see someone else profile and username, they neither can change the pfp nor can username.
It feels like you are hacked by the person whom profile is shown on your screen, but it’s just a bug so don’t worry. Althought this bug is fixed months ago.

3-Glitching Bug:
This is the most common bug in Gartic.io from very start.
Just like i show in the video, whenever users(players with no accounts) join the game they glitch together .
When they talk, it shows the same person is talking or anything.
This is kind of annoying to them because sometimes one of them speak unproper to others which make player to kick both of them out.

Well that’s it I guess.
At last none of these bugs are serious so no worries Garticains

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Hope you liked it
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