Heyo Chickens ! ! !
Here we are again back to Gartic.io because of highly requests, but I don’t think there is any else video can be made anymore, it’s the 4th video y’all, yes the 4th :v
And if you want to experience all these too, so it all happens in food room qc3.

Why I took so long to finish this video?
A- Because my motivations were all dead/ i was waiting for some idiots to come onlline but this timezone/ wanted to make it more different then others cuz it’s the last vid on gartic.io ( hope so ).

Why you are not added in the video even if you are a regular player?
A- Did you told me that you wanted to join? No-
our timezone is different so we couldn’t meet, you ain’t added with me in discord nor you are in the server where you could have let me know. Unlock your childhood memories: Play un squadron online favorite.

If there are mistakes, so ignore it ;-;
I’m sorry for bad editing by the way. 0-0

To make the video i used:
Gacha Club
Wondershare Filmora


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